Welcome to Genus Bononiae blog

Welcome to Genus Bononiae blog

Mostra Martini, Palazzo Fava, Bologna by Genus Bononiae blog

It is the blog of Genus Bononiae, a new space to share research, all the latest news, and the life behind the scenes of our museums.

But first things first: let us tell you about its history, before we introduce you to the subject and the object.
We start from the name: Genus Bononiae-Museums in the City. A name that comes from far away, from the origins (Genus) of Bologna (Bononiae), its people and its culture. And, in fact, the story begins here, with the desire and the need to create a Museum of the City which was missing. But as often happens to those who find a treasure and continues to seek, the project has expanded and, year after year, piece by piece, the City Museum has become Museums in the City.

As of today, there are eight museums that from January 2012 represent a new museum system in the historic center of Bologna: unique, modern and innovative.

Unique because in a bit more than 2 km, it encloses 2,500 years of history, art and culture, through eight buildings, each one with a different purpose: a Museum of the History of Bologna, an Exhibition Centre, a Museum of historical musical instruments, an Art and History Library, the Complex of Santa Maria della Vita, the Complex of San Michele in Bosco, the Church of Santa Cristina and Casa Saraceni.

Modern because these buildings, restored and opened to the public, are dynamic places where conservation and research, tradition and new technology coexist, presenting the past through the eyes of the present.

Innovative not only because of the young age of its staff, but also because of the spirit and management, constantly evolving and always looking for something new! Do not think about a classic itinerary consisting of dislocated and independent buildings, because Genus Bononiae brings you to the real artistic journey!

So join us in the heart of Genus Bononiae, in the Museum of the History of Bologna, to start the journey through art, culture and pleasure.

Not a point of arrival, but eight points of departure.

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