What we do

What we do

Palazzo Pepoli

The visit repeats but the experience is unique every time!

It is true, we are privileged. We can give vent to our creativity through eight buildings which are works of art themselves. What we try to do is keeping them always full of life thus making them places to constantly return to.

We have eight opportunities, but even if they are connected one to each other, we offer eight different proposals in order to meet everyone’s desires. Permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, concerts and lectures, guided tours and educational workshops, cultural and leisure activities.

We thought about everyone.

About you, who chose a weekend full of art over beaches and mountains.

About you, who want to spend a day with your children and bring together young and elder ones.

About you, who are looking for a museum where you feel not just like a visitor but where you can share a space with others, and have a drink or a Sunday brunch with the family.

About you, who are a history fan but who think that new technologies make it more exciting.

About you, who love the art of the Carracci and who are excited at the idea of admiring their first masterpieces.

About you, who love music, even more if it is played by historical musical instruments from a rare collection.

Therefore, we thought about all of you who can not choose between architecture, painting, music and history.