A museum for children in a city for children

Città dello Zecchino, a museum for children in a city for children, Genus Bononiae

A museum for children in a city for children

Augustis almost over and so are the beloved holiday. But there are those who still have a little bit of time before returning to the normal routine: there are left, in fact, little more than two weeks before the beginning of the school year…so why not to extend as much as possible the pleasure of spending a day with children out doors; children and adults all together, rediscovering the city by having fun.

This weekend in Bologna,once again the event Città dello Zecchino, completely free, organized by Antoniano onlus and dedicated to children and families. Three days (6-7-8 September) full of games, workshops, performances, guided tours, concerts and special initiatives for “Città a misura di bambino“(City for children).

Genus Bononiae is always enthusiastically participating in the event,now in its eighth edition. But this year there is something new: Journey in the museums of the city, there are 10 thematic paths that involves network of over than 20 museums. For the opening day (September 6) we propose two innovative tours projected and realized in collaboration with the Museo Civico Archaeologico
and the Museo Civico Medievale.

An opportunity for all of you, who want not just to spend time with their children, but who are looking for quality of the time in the places where children can get closer to the arts and history,experimenting and playing… for a museum suitable for children!

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